Fresh Smelling Home Tips


Few tips on how to keep your house smell fresh

There is nothing better than having your home smell fresh. Other than the air fresheners, scented candles and electrical scent dispersers, there are other healthier and less expensive ways to reach the same results. Here are few tips on how to do it:


• Open up your windows- Letting fresh air into your home is the way to start. Keep your windows open for at least half an hour every day or every other day, especially if you have pets. Having fresh air in your rooms will not only help eliminate unwanted odors, but will also help you sleep better.


• Sprinkle baby powder over the carpet before vacuuming- Baby powder can be used for many things other than for babies. It smells good and it is much better and healthier than scented carpet powders. Also help eliminates pets odors. Just sprinkle a little bit on your carpet, wait a few minutes and vacuum.


• Use fabric softener sheets to cover your vents- Place them over heating vents in the windows. This filters out dust and makes a pleasant fresh scent.


• Use real lemon juice for mirrors- Wipe down your mirrors using real lemon or lemon juice. It cleans well and smells fresh.


• Pour some fragrance body oil on your lighting bulbs- Just couple of drops of your favorite body oil on light bulb to give light scent. ( Do Not put it on a HOT light bulb, it could explode! Pour the oil when the bulb is cold.)

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